Thank you for choosing a Bitubo product to enhance your motorcycle experience. Your safety is our top priority, so please adhere to the following guidelines:

Professional Installation: Install the shock absorber at a specialized center to ensure proper fitting.

Regular Functional Check: Conduct a functional check every 12 months to ensure optimal performance.

Periodic Servicing: After 24 months, have the shock absorber serviced at an Official Bitubo Service Center ("CTB").

The standard Warranty for Bitubo Products is valid for 24 months from the purchase date, as indicated on the purchase document (receipt, purchase invoice). If the purchase date is unavailable, the Warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of manufacture, traceable through the serial number on the label (refer to the figure below). Note that the Warranty cannot be extended.

Warning: Keep the label attached to the original packaging, displaying the serial number of the purchased Product.

The Warranty covers functional and/or material defects attributable to Bitubo, allowing for repair or replacement of defective Products. Compensation for damages is excluded. In case of a defect, submit an RMA Request Form here

Warranty Exclusions:

The Warranty does not apply under the following conditions: 

  • Installation/removal not performed by a CTB or a professional following Bitubo instructions.
  • Products mounted on vehicles not specified in the Bitubo catalog.
  • Abnormal, negligent, or improper use.
  • Accident/collision damage.Customer or third-party repairs/modifications.
  • Installation/removal costs.Transport costs to a CTB without found defects.
  • Wear and tear parts (bushings, ORs, etc.).
  • Damage to surface treatments and coatings.
  • Use in competitions or similar events.

Long Life Warranty:

Extend the Warranty for an additional 24 months or up to a maximum of 6 years by conducting a periodic overhaul at a CTB before each warranty period expiry. The same coverage and limitations as the standard warranty apply.

Care and Precautions:

Regularly clean chrome-plated parts to prevent rust. During vehicle washing, avoid high-pressure water on the shock absorber. Use only water and mild soap; harsh detergents are not recommended